Friday, April 23, 2010


Just finished some Japanese bunpo (grammar) homework for today's class.

The homework involves completing sentences using the grammar rules that were learnt in the last lesson. I spend more time than necessary on these as I always end up trying to come up with more creative (or ridiculous) answers than just illustrating that i get how the grammar works. Homework is so much more fun this way!

In the latest task, some questions were a bit more thought-provoking than others :P Several soul-searching daydreams later, I did finally complete all of them.

独身のうちに... (While I am single_____)
若いのうちに... (While I am young_____)
雨がやむまで... (Until it stops raining...)
私は...まで...つもりです。 (Until_______I intend to________)

The 'while I am single...' one was funny, having not had a proper boyfriend over some years now I had to stop and think about what 'not being single...' restricts one from doing. (that I could also have the sensei read without cringing. :P) Took a bit of time, probably explains why I am still single :P



Bellerophontes said...

"I only charge five dollar"

.....and then for 1st part in last one "tomorrow"

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