Wednesday, April 14, 2010

getting nosey about nose

One of my several part-time jobs here in Tokyo is teaching a bunch of 6-8yr olds English three times a month.

Its less teaching and more playtime actually. There is some revision of the alphabet and colours etc. then songs, games, games, some counting, more games and usually several cups of coffee beforehand to keep me going.

The children are absolutely adorable, and 90minutes is enough to ensure that they don't drive me up the wall (and oh! do they try!).

But even if I bitch about the chaos later, I secretly love it! How else can I play all these fun kids games at 26 and get away with it! :)

And, they also ask the most interesting questions.

Word on the board: NOSE

And the million dollar question?

Sensei, why did they put the E in Nose after the S?


er. I dunnoes why its nose instead of noes.
someone's brilliant idea to put the e after s, I s'pose?


Wilson said...


Who knows?

Bellerophontes said...

oh maan, such a cute question! Only them little moonspeak tykes can think of such things :)