Tuesday, April 13, 2010

throwing caution to the (cold) wind

Have been quite unlike my usual cheery self (*shock* *horror*)
...everything in moderation i guess.

but after hitting the proverbial bottom (which wasn't so much a bottom really, just bouts of tiny dips in the ocean of crankiness)...i am back with renewed vigor and enthusiasm!

let me at 'em!

also, drawing from a nice read on Sir Mraz' Rant
(yes, some crushes last a lifetime)

Everything is perfect.
Everything is fine.
The rules of life are made up.
The rules only exist in your mind.
Of course there may be courtesies
And closures and laws to abide,
But the zeal with which you play
Relies on where YOU draw the line.

(and yes, i love writing in parentheses)

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