Friday, April 16, 2010

le woof!

I got a new dog today!!!! :)

well, technically a new 'i-Dog'...but whats with the technicalities yeah?

I even walked out in the rain, in the freezing cold, to save him from the clutches of macdonalization, while giving into it myself >_< (yes, I bought a ハッピー セット aka haapi seto ...or otherwise known as a happymeal from Maccers.)

So my new Quicksilver/Mc's i-Dog (brand-bashing much?) barks.
Like, for real!
It barks when I clap my hands. But only a loving clap...anything too soft or too loud doesn't get any woofy loving.

Also, I have to remember to, and it pains me to say this, switch it off. Because it also barks at random noises sometimes. He's sucha little dog! :P

(also, am super super spazzy happy because this week I was actually thinking about how awesome it would be if I could keep a dog! damn this nomadic life...but thank you i-Dog for coming to my rescue!!)

so here he is: my brand new super duper dog. :)

ps. does not need potty training, or a potty for that matter. :)


John Michaels said...

Whats's it's name?

sharky said...



actually it was a tossup between Guinness and Sparky.

Guinness won.

Bellerophontes said...

wait what? So is it Blacky Guiness?

Yay for new e-mutt :)

sharky said...

lol. its Guinness.

Blacky was a joke...we laugh about how its one of the most common dog names amongst indo-fijian families back home if the dog is black >_<

Awesomeness in the Flesh said...

I...I want one!