Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So was eagerly awaiting my second allowance due to arrive on Oct 30th so I could splurge straight away on a new macbook.

Checked account on 30th...no new deposits. I thought...meh, i probably got the date wrong.

Checked with other kids at the dorm on the 31st and everyone had gotten their`s so this time it HAD to be in! checked account..zilch. How could this be! I clearly remember signing up for the allowance on the due date! ( and yes, we have to sign up at our Grad School EVERY month to recieve the allowance)

so inquired at the International students centre who had to inquire with the scholarship office and word finally came to explain why the funds were MIA.

Signing up on the due date is apparently not good enough...it has to be done before Midday. A small but majorly important fact i had overlooked in the piles of papers with instructions given out during orientation at the University.

"Good afternoon, Apple helpdesk? Hi, I am calling regarding an order placed for a mac book yesterday. Would it be possible to cancel or postpone...."

Also, I are broke.


Wilson said...


Does that mean you're not getting the allowance at all?

Lord help us all :P

Also...was it possible to cancel or postpone your order? ><

sharky said...

allowance gets in on the 18th.

order cancellation successful..whewf! the lady said " don`t worry, it happens all the time!"

shiva said...

*rubs his face until sexy unibody mbp*

"my precious..."