Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a slang be!

SO being from the city of slangs...the Fiji Islander in me had to go ahead and start creating slangs with my newly learnt set of Japanese vocabulary. (but ofcourse).

Very benri...

benri= convenient.


A san: I found an apartment right near Waseda!!!!
B san: ooh! very benri!!!

could also be used as "totally benri"..."absolutely benri" etc.

How benri is that?!!!!


Wilson said...

Very ^_^

Albie said...

You're a benri!

shiva said...
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shiva said...

Slangs? Had to double check the name of the blog..thought I was on Paradise Not Found for a spilt second
Re-commenting since I noticed a typo and I know I wouldn't have heard the end of it if you spotted it :)

Hmm...WHY THE HELL ARE THE PICS OF JAPAN!!!!!!! I've been waiting months! MONTHS! =0(

*calms down*

This is seriously messed about next time instead of saying that ur AC/Heater dial is in kaito-ninja-sushi-tekken-mitsu language just post a pic of the said dial :)

sharky said...

thanks blog nazi.
my camera is effed.
deal with it.

shiva said...

no blog for u!