Thursday, November 20, 2008

I wants to...

I wants to see Mishka's bebe...
I wants to have "half chicken, half roast pork with rice" at Hanging Duck with Posh.
I wants to have have corned beef and biscuit at work with Kaos and the gang with MC Hammer threatening to cut our pay...oh and some dalo or cassava would be nice too!
I wants to meet the monkies for coffee at Ronald McDonalds hang out.
I wants to get hugs from my darling Lunatic.
I wants to take a can of(cold) coke from Dophlins and sit outside FijiTV and chat with Jolie.
I wants to stay up late and talk about everything and nothing with me mummy and eat all the yummy foods that she makes.
I want to bother my dogs when they are asleep.
I want to catch up with me person.
I wants to be able to see the sea from the main road.
I wants to...sigh.

and no, this is not an emo post. I can be absolutely happy here and still miss the wonderful things and people from back home. Infact, I think these are the things that keep me from turning all emo here!! ok, i will stop writing before I get too soppy. I am hardcore. /grrr (thats my hardcore grunt)

oh and i also wants to have cheap beers at the Lighthouse with Aung...but I couldn't do that even if I WAS home. sigh.

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Bellerophontes said...

miss u heaps too :) Mum was just asking bout u today, she sends her regards! :D