Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Its amazing how many new posts are generated out of the time one is supposed to spend working on one`s research plan for an application that is due tomorrow.

"Procrastination is like masturbation, in the end you`re just screwing yourself"

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Bellerophontes said...

lol@quote! *saves*

And YAY for updates!!!!!!

Oh man I miss havin okonomiyaki mmmmmmmmmmmmm - jap mayo is teh win *craves* FYI, my usual faves at the jap eateries were the katsudons and katsu-kare-dons *omgCRAVES!!!!!!!!*

P.S. LET ME KNOW WHEN U'VE HAD OMURICE!!! I always see it in Jdorama+Anime but could never bring myself to order it since it seemed so plain and was always priced similar to my beloved katsudon. I always meant to try it tho...hmmmm