Monday, January 3, 2011

bane of my existence

Why the photo of a remote control you ask?

Well, so that I don't forget this piece of gadgetry from my current flat.

So Japanese flats are small.
Small would be an understatement, Japanese flats are tiny. But I have grown to love mine.
I mean yeah, ok...I do bump my head on the tube-light in my loft now and then, and I have gotten used to showering standing sideways so I don't hit the wall and shower curtain with my elbows... but I try to laugh it all off and take these in as part of the overall 'cultural' experience.

This darling remote control of mine though, has...passed my threshold.
I live in the land of amazing, innovative, super duper new technology.
Where toilets clean, wash and air your nether regions, vending machines speak to you and robots serve you sushi.

And in the land of all this amazing gadgetry exists this remote control that operates the heater/air conditioner ...and its not even remote!

That wire you see protruding out the top, that attaches it to the main unit. Which means that I can't carry it off the wall. I repeat, the remote control isn't even remote!

Given that my apartment is small and walking two steps to turn on/off the heater shouldn't be something to bitch about. But its also a loft, and climbing down the ladder when its close to 2 degrees in the morning right now (or 40 in the summer) is a downright pain in the arse.

So yeah, thats my rant about my love/hate relationship with this piece of gadget. I am very grateful for the warmth/cool air that the device it is attached to provides me. But I do not appreciate having a not-so-remote remote control. sigh.

rant over.

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