Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I love swings. (and you can keep the swinging jokes to yourself. thanks.)

I think it stems from reading 'The Swing in the Summerhouse' by Jane Langton as a child.
It tells the story of a gazebo-like summerhouse with a swing that allows you to transport into alternate worlds as you jump off of the swing mid-flight.
Each archway gives you a different adventure, and one is forbidden because of a risk of no return.

Luckily I never tried jumping off any swings that did more damage than a scraped knee. What can I say, I was a gullible child with a vivid imagination.

So yeah, still love swings, and I love Tokyo for allowing me to indulge in them.
Smack-bang in the middle of a concrete jungle and yet there's a park every few blocks with a few monkey-bars, a slide and swing set thrown in.

And I love how safe and quiet this city is, which allows me to go sit out in the park, on a swing, at odd hours of the night when I cant sleep.

This is not the closest swing to my house, its about 10minutes away on the bike.
The one closer to my place is nicer in the warm weather, and located on a hill so I can see over a bit of the city when I am in mid-air.

And yes, I'm a little less gullible now. Only a little.

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