Monday, January 3, 2011

Worlds apart across the street.

Ventured out today for a walk in the (cold) sunshine and to take in the quiet hustle of shrine-goers.
There was still a line outside the neighbourhood shrine, this time I climbed the steps and browsed the colourful stalls and even rubbed Buddha's belly (and feet and forehead because we weren't quite sure which was for what kind of luck)

And then braved the crowds back out.

Decided to drop in on the gods at the temple across the road. They're not as popular right now, the grounds were deserted.

Saw a lady walking past in a kimono with a few bunches of lit incense in her hand and followed her into...the cemetery.

Most cemeteries in Japan are located at Buddhist temples (as opposed to the Shinto Shrine across the road).

The cemetery somehow didn't feel eerie, perhaps because it looked different and I didn't grow up here. The pics aren't the best, but instead of my camera and shoddy photography skills, I'll blame the cold.

One tombstone even had an ashtray with a ciggy offering, instead of the usual incense. hehe. In retrospect I should have probably taken a pic of that too! (hey, its only my second day... i'm learning alright)

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