Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy (belated) birthday to me

Yes, 27 and none the wiser...

and if anyone is actually ardently following my 'pic-a-day' update that is to happen every few days...
the reason it hasn't happened in the last few days is because... as small as my apartment is..
i cannot find the cable that will allow me to download the pics from my camera to my laptop.


I'm not lazy, only messy.

But I do have nice snaps to share and talk about.  really, I do.

until then, then.


Awesomeness in the Flesh said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Wilson said...


happy belated birfday sharky :)

Accidentally-Seasoned Hobo said...

Beautiful orange flowers. I totally understand this thing about misplacing things in a small apartment. I do it all the time.

Lovely flowers, really. Hope you had a good birthday!!