Friday, January 7, 2011

Fiji sighting!

This whole 'pic-a-day' thing is turning out to be brilliant idea.

I was early for my part-time teaching job today (Business English conversation to a bunch of people at a toilet manufacturing company).

To kill time/feed appetite and escape the cold I stopped by Starbucks for a drink. Usually I would not admit to using Starbucks, and probably only ever do once in 3 months or so. And in very desperate situations. This was one of them. It was very cold outside and I had a craving for a Matcha latte (green tea latte) which I love so much that it deserves its own post. So yeah, don't judge me.

Sitting upstairs, overlooking the street and sipping on the warm goodness, being thankful to be out of the cold for another 30 minutes or so... blankly staring out the window...and screeeeeech. *slams breaks on vision*
blinkblinkblink....try to try to focus on the familiar blue with an even more familiar four letter word...FIJI!!!!

Quickly reach into bag and jerk out camera and start snapping like a crazy person.

Tada! first FIJI Water van sighting overseas!!! (its like being at the movies back home when you see the Fiji Water logo/bottle/van, but being IN the movie)

This one is slightly blurry but the slogan on the back was interesting:

Yes it really is from (either they ran out of paint, or we are supposed to read the FIJI on the side of the van, or its a new trend in advertising that I am too thick to get.)

either way, FIJI Water sighting woohoo!!

(also, I always wondered why despite being so famous they never have FIJI Water in vending machines here. I even emailed the company information section after my first year here inquiring as to why that was. They sent a lackluster reply with no additional information saying: We do supply FIJI Water to Japan. endofstory.)


Wilson said...

Nice to see a familiar sight of home aye :)

Bellerophontes said...

Loving ur daily pic posts and lil write-ups! Yay for seeing a piece of home! Even if it is a greenwashed commercialised piece XD

Anonymous said...

Cute and familiar!! I was trying to a numerology report on FIJI last week!!