Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Looking forward to:

- Solar eclipse on Wednesday (that is also supposed to spark major disasters, one in the form of a tsunami created by some tectonic shifts south of Japan...we shall see.)

- WHIP IT...Ellen Page is back in the house people.

- a possible trip to the beach on Saturday...helloooo Summer!!!

- end of this semester...guilt-free leisure time ("guilt-free" being the operative word as I bum around during the semester too ><)

- er...beginning of Summer class (yes, so the end of this semester is actually two days before the beginning of the "summer class" semester..masochistic much?!)

Background: Enrolled for a three week summer class in Science Journalism being taken by an environmental journo Debra Schwartz whose being brought in from the States. I reckon its a good deal...interesting looking class, interesting sounding lecturer, same credits in shorter time span... plus still have 1 and a half months of the summer holidays once the class is over so will not miss out on TOO much! (Yes, I am trying to convince myself...i believe i am convinced.)

- possible WWOOFing stint in Hokkaido if all goes according to plan...and if planning goes according to plan!

- ummmm...oh yeah...and most of all....looking forward to LIFE in general....although, there is nothing general about life...tres excited!

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