Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nostalgic much?

Artist: Albie

Got this off a third party today...was quite serendipitous indeed! (Thanks Alberto for not sending me a copy too!!) Have the actual card pasted on the wall in front of me. Virtual hugs and kisses to all of you.

(n.b. guitars are missing and Ronna is wearing a kind /gasp...glad you changed it to black in the final one.)


ronna said...


i had to blast albie about changing it to black hehehe.

miss you too, r

Albie said...

Third party? Who's been throwing my work around? :P

And that Ronron, always picky with the clothes =_=

Meli's tongue sticking out always makes me laugh :)

Wilson said...

Gaah - i forgot how silly i look with my tongue sticking out. But i'm always doing that in photos...that's because i'm trying to sell whoever's unfortunate to stand beside me ^_^

sharky said...

R -! miss you too, the pending hugs coming your way in 2010 my darling!

Al - A true journalist never reveals her sources (or the identity of another journalist..hint..hint)

Kaos - unfortunate indeed. :P but yes, we had all become quite accustomed to your..ahem..tongue. :P