Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Run

Lying down on the damp grass... in the middle of an empty baseball night

...and looking up at sky, is one of the most liberating experiences I have had in this country.

And I wasn't even drunk or stoned.

That sense of euphoria no drug can induce

I also never realized exactly HOW claustrophobic this concrete jungle makes one feel...until I walked into (read: sneaked into) the empty open field. Its like being able to breathe again, properly...without any inhibitions.

Thank you wide-open spaces...and the people who lead you there.


Wilson said...

I want whatever you're smoking O_o

Bellerophontes said...

oooerr nice!

But try that over here and u get ur ass robbed!

sharky said...

trues up! or chased by a stray dog, amongst other things. ><

ronna said...

i hate concrete jungles! i prefer those wide-open spaces.