Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flattered...more than ever.

Had the most delightful evening.

Slaved over BBQ prep with Ilaria from Itaria (Italy in Japanese) for this 'Chikyuu Circle' thingo we have going at the dorm where the foreign students have a sort of conversation class with a bunch of Japanese people from the neighbourhood every Sunday where we discuss topics ranging from ODA to mixed marriages.

Anyway, finally got down to the mingling, drinking, eating etc and met the most charming young man. EVER.

Over the course of the night he talked to me about what he currently does, how he is intending to visit Guam over the Summer, has been to Hawaii through a very lucky lottery draw and thoroughly enjoys swimming. He sought me out from a crowd of people that were actually mid conversation with me and led me to the 'Bar' table and poured me a drink of the local soda.

Later on in the evening he commented on my very recently painted toenails...'They're black, very cool...why/when did you get them done'?

He drew me a picture of a train (with explanations galore)that I will upload later when I am not too lethargically tired to operate the camera.

The time came for us to bid adieu...he leaned in close to my ear and commented on my earrings...there are two on one ear? They are very cool.

I waved goodbye...sigh, the sweetest a man has been to me in a very very long time.

His mom bowed and said thank you for entertaining her son, he seems to like you a lot.

I bowed and said, no, it was my pleasure.

He was SEVEN.

yes, and by far the sweetest young man I have ever met. is the drawing.


Wilson said...

That kid's gonna be a fuckin player if he can make you think him sweet at 7. I'm guessing he's going to have his first bang at 10 :P

joni said...

Awww! That is so cute! Awww!!

sharky said...

isn't it! i am still swooning! oh, uploaded the drawing.

Karishma said...

awww...that's so cute, you should've drawn a snail for him :P

sharky said...

bwaahaahaa....very funny. (damn, why didn't I think of that!)

ronna said...

aawww! the little prince..