Sunday, July 5, 2009

Geographically Challenged. Part 2 (Episode 1054)

SO apparently there is never any assurance of what may or may not be asked at a Master's Entrance interview.

These questions will definitely be asked:

Why do you want to study at blahblahblah university/faculty?

What is your Master's research plan?

What do you plan to do after completing said Master's course?

And, as I found out, there is also a possibility of THESE questions being asked:

I don't know where Fiji is...Where is Fiji? Can you explain in Japanese?

What is the difference between Tahiti and Fiji?

In retrospect, it was quite amusing indeed.

Duration of Interview: less than 10minutes.

FINAL FINAL Results announcement: 9th July.

I will then know for sure if I get two more years of cheap, authentic....sushi. :)

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Wilson said...

Fingers crossed for more authentic and cheap sushi :)