Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have a secret...

"There are two kinds of secrets:
those we keep from others,
and the ones we hide from ourselves."
Frank Warren, PostSecret

I will eternally be grateful to Kaos for introducing this site to me.

Initially when I started reading it I thought it was masochistic to follow because every Sunday (or Monday when I would go back to work after the weekend) I would wait for the site to be updated, read the secrets and then feel very down for a while. Some of the secrets are funny, some are sad, some inspiring and most are just downright depressing.

But since then I have come to enjoy reading it, learned to revel in the pleasure these people get from sharing their secrets and quite fascinated by how the guilt of each secret is somehow reduced when shared with complete strangers. It must be quite liberating.

And to have the opportunity to do that must definitely save lives and rejuvenate souls, for secrets are such that, you can either take them to your grave...or they take you to your grave.

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Bellerophontes said...

I love these kinda sites. Before PS I used to frequent - I've even posted on there a few times and ur right it really is very liberating :

The avorosa/ciqobaca in me wouldn't allow me to get depressed tho XD