Monday, July 20, 2009


...Frank McCourt.

Can still remember when I read Angela's Ashes as a teen...and then scored 'Tis really cheap at a garage sale. By far, probably, the most depressing literature I had read as a kid...Angela's Ashes is after all referred to as the "epic of woe". But I remember that reading 'Tis kinda put things into perspective, thankfully.

Would be nice to have my copies with me here to have a look pay respect in a way, to refresh my memory. I miss my books. As much as I try to keep my material possessions at a minimum, books are one thing that I a) cannot stop myself from purchasing, and b) cannot bring myself to part matter how many times I have read my favourite ones.

I reckon, because a book is a book, is a book...they should allow you to carry books through immigration without having to pay for the extra weight...afterall, how can one put monetary value to the worth of a book?

hmmm...wonder if this argument will work with the officers at the gate....

And speaking of books, can't wait for the semester to end (in two days) so I can start on the small stack of books waiting to be devoured that I bought from the only used English bookstore near the university...Blue Parrot...yes, Casablanca reference perhaps, either way, its a life saver...and I have enough points collected to get ¥1000 off the next purchase...yay!

And yes, that IS Alice in Wonderland...I have an inexplicable liking for childrens books and am forever trying to build my collection of favorites...I scored this copy of A.I.W from a tiny Japanese bookstore (!!) for ¥150!!!

There were are few others that I bought and would have liked to have kept but were weighing down my luggage so they had to be left behind at random backpacker hostels in Thailand...well at least I can rest assured that they will be enjoyed just as much!

And just to reiterate my point:

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce


Albie said...

isa Frankie...

I read Angela's Ashes after watching the film with my dad (and yes, even after watching the film i still wanted to read the book) and to me it's one of those books that make you cry and laugh at the same time.

Wilson said...

Same :) RIP Frank McCourt.

joni said...

I have really cut down on spending, even on books. I still have so much backlog that I always feel guilty seeing. But I do understand what you mean... Sigh. I always wish I have more time to read. But I guess that's what a lot of us wish too, along with winning the lottery.